Meeting Objectives

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The International Meeting of Specialization for Research in Economics and Business has its origins in the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences of Granada and the Doctorate Programme in Economics and Business Sciences. Later, in order to facilitate access and dissemination of the event, the University of Almeria was incorporated as the organising entity. In the 5th edition, the universities of Jaén and Málaga were added and in the 6th edition, the Polytechnic University of Cartagena joined the event. In this 8th edition, the University of Castilla La Mancha has joined the event. Postgraduate students from other Spanish universities and from other countries have also been attending. 

The last edition of the International Meeting of Specialisation in Economics and Business was held at the University of Málaga, and this 8th edition is hosted by the Polytechnic University of Cartagena

This is an initiative in which attendees can:

  •  Attend Courses on Research Methodologies
  •  Attend Meet the Editors with editors of quality scientific journals
  •  Attend Parallel Sessions to present papers
  •  Publishing the best works in journals of each area: there are agreements with several journals for the different areas that this Meeting encompasses

It is oriented as an opportunity for young researchers to disseminate and improve their work, direct their studies towards promising lines of research, as well as make themselves known to facilitate their employment and your mobility. All researchers, both new and non-new, can attend the Meeting.

The objectives of the VIII International Specialization Meeting for Research in Economics and Business are:

  •  Provide a sharing and improvement environment where attendees can improve their research skills
  •  Offer a forum for the presentation of quality works, both theoretical and applied
  •  To be a meeting and discussion place that allows the exchange of ideas between young researchers and expert professors in each research topic
  •  Promote contact between academic and research centers and young researchers
  •  Guide young researchers towards promising and novel lines of research
  •  Attendance at Courses on Research Methodologies
  •  Promote the participation and integration of researchers from associated research centers in specialized research networks